Workplace Safety & Health Workshop

One-Off or Retainer Services for
Workplace Safety & Health Requirements

Any combination of the following services can be packaged to suit your needs:

  • Briefing to Management, Staff and Contractors on legal duty and responsibilities under the Workplace Safety & Health Act
    1. A one-hour Talk with Q&A for organizations starting their journey of legal compliance or as an annual Refresher for staff. Also useful for new employee and contractor WSH orientation. Can be adapted to WSH Management Retreat program to review performance and strategize for coming year.
  • Guidance to set-up and or maintain a proper internal structure including documentation & records system to comply with legal requirements
    1. Includes one briefing as above
    2. Provide guidance to Management & appointed team on what is required to comply with the law in terms of setting up a WSH organization structure with roles & responsibilities, advice on WSH policy and required competency training, documentation & records system
    3. Provide internal training as required and advice on any required external training by Approved Training Organizations; assist with annual WSH Training Needs Analyses & Implementation Plan
    4. Assist the organization to develop and implement the system documents & records required for compliance and proper implementation & practice
    5. Assist the organization to understand and fulfill its duty in maintaining and up-keeping required WSH leadership, management, practices and record keeping. Assist the organization to set up a proper internal WSH structure
    6. Provide guidance to the organization in the setting up of and functioning of the company Risk Management (RM) team, Risk Assessment (RA) teams, Safety Committee and Emergency Response team as may be required.
  • Technical training workshops for members of the company Risk Management (RM) team, Risk Assessment (RA) teams, Safety Committee and Emergency Response team or understanding of Risk Management Regulations & CP or the Working at Height Regulations and CP
    1. Internal training to equip and/or refresh members with the required knowledge and skills to perform their duty and responsibilities as required
    2. Where helpful, exercises and simulations can be created to test participants.
  • Assistance with reviewing and updating required WSH documentation and records
    1. Can include Inventory of Work Activities (IWA), Hazard Identification (HI), Risk Assessments (RAs), Safe Work Procedures, Fall Prevention Plans (FPP), Incident Records, Accident Investigation and Root Cause Analyses, Corrective and Preventive Actions, WSH Checklists, WSH Communication & Promotions, WSH Supervision and Management/Leadership etc.
  • Assistance in preparation for 3rd party audit for bizSAFE 3, bizSAFE 5 and OHSAS 18001 certification & maintenance
    1. Assistance with understanding audit and/or certification requirements, preparation for the audit and accredited certification audit (JAS-ANZ).

Using the Retainer Services will give you the expertise and experience of a qualified and competent registered Safety Officer on an effective part-time basis. A convenient schedule will be arranged for regular visits every month or periodically depending on your needs. Over time, you will be able to increase your own in-house capabilities and scale down the scope of the Retainer if desired.

The minimum duration for Retainer Services starts off at 2 months only and can thereafter be renewed for either 6 or 12 monthly.

Please contact Victor Yeow for further queries at no obligation at all:
98569891 (mobile)

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